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Editor: WSJ special section on coronavirus was a team effort

March 13, 2020

Posted by Chris Roush

Wall Street Journal editor Matt Murray sent out the following announcement on Friday:

Dear All:
Our already brilliant coronavirus coverage was further elevated today with the publication of a special report filled with useful practical advice for navigating the current situation. It would be hard to underestimate the speed and stress under which this report came together. You can see it online, with stories freed up, here https://www.wsj.com/news/collection/coronavirus0312-256f2943?mod=article_inline&mod=hp_lead_pos3 and of course you can get a print paper wherever quality print products are sold.
This is a great example of the especially important public-service role the Journal can play at such a time, by providing quality, trusted information when readers need it. It is also a wonderful example of innovation amid disruption. Literally the entire staff of the WSJ and DJN are playing a role in our coverage right now–and it is a sight to see.
This report was truly a group effort and there are so many to thank that I fear I will inadvertently overlook someone. Still, I will forge ahead and ask all of you to first thank and praise Larry Rout, who oversees so many superb, high-quality reports for readers that distinguish us and who pulled this one off in a mere 96 hours. His passion, skill and expertise is unmatched. The indefatigable Elena Cherney worked closely with Larry while in self-quarantine and fresh from an important trip to Beijing.
We owe thanks and shout-outs to an army of graphics and photo editors, bureau chiefs and reporters who made this shine. Among them are: Stefanie Ilgenfritz, whose knowledge and leadership of her team have enlightened all our coverage; Lisa Bannon and her team, whose skill at crafting stories that connect viscerally with readers is unparalleled;  Emily Nelson and the US News team, who have been tireless in bringing us depth and insight; and Lynn Cook and Vanessa Fuhrmans and the always illuminating and thoughtful management group.
The great reporters and writers who contributed on top of their day jobs include: Betsy McKay, Jon Rockoff, Joanna Stern, Scott McCartney, Sumathi Reddy, Rachel Feintzig, Chip Cutter, Katie Camero, Jared Hopkins, Chris Mims, Veronica Dagher, Beth DeCarbo, Kathryn Dill,  Serena Ng (proving she still has it after several years as an editor!)–and Nicole Nguyen, whose piece was her WSJ debut as our newest columnist.
The informative and attractive graphics came from Jonny Simon, Lindsay Huth, Alberto Cervantes, Juanje Gomez and Taylor Umlauf; and photos from Leah Latella and Ericka Burchett. The potent leaders of graphics and photos, Tonia Cowan and Lucy Gilmour, brought their A games, of course.
Bringing it all together beautifully were the formidable and indispensable talents and judgments of art directors Keith Webb, Manny Velez and Sheryl Dermawan; and editors Bill Power, Rob Toth, Patricia Price, Jay Hershey, Cristina Lourosa, Jerry Yates and–especially–Don Arbour and Demetria Gallegos.
Deepest thanks are due all of them–and to all of you for your continued superb and multivaried efforts on this important story. There is absolutely nothing remote about the relevancy, power and impact of Journal journalism.

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