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Do we need a new TV show on the stock market?

January 26, 2006

The blogger at WallStreetFighter.com thinks so. He writes: “I need a new entertainment stock show. Who’s going to host? I’m not quite sure. Maria Bartiromo is intelligent and nice looking but a bit boring. Jack Welch is very entertaining but is getting a bit old. Lenny Dykstra could do it but he’s training under Cramer and will probably end up doing the same thing. We need a show that is a combination of Sportcenter meets Squawkbox. If we could get a Dan Patrick type character that know his stocks but has a great sense of humor. I think a girl would be great but she needs to be strong, intelligent, funny, and good looking to attract all the viewers necessary. (Blast me with the emails on that one but it is the truth).”

Here is my suggestion: What about Keith Olbermann? He’s done SportsCenter, and he’s done serious news. Now it’s time for him to do business. Someone would be smart to grab him up. He understands that the stock market is just like a sporting event. There are winners, and there are losers. I think he would bring a seriousness to it as well as some credibility.

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