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Democrats declaring war on business

February 20, 2006

That was the theme of Neil Cavuto’s business show on Fox TV on Saturday, and the News Hounds blog took him to task for presenting an unbalanced view of the situation.

Neil CavutoNews Hounds wrote: “Cavuto’s premise was that Democratic criticism of record oil company profits, drug companies, and business practices of retail giant Wal-Mart amounted to ‘declaring war on America.’ The theme was backed up with pictures of Sen. Hillary Clinton, for extra effect.

“Cavuto probably will get a bonus for the panel he selected to discuss his biased premise: five conservatives and one liberal, Robert Borosage, director of the Campaign for America’s Future. Although outnumbered, Borosage made the point that Democrats are not “declaring war” on anybody, but only trying to roll back some of the excesses of the Republican Congress, which has given billions of dollars in subsidies to oil companies at a time when they are making record profits and created a Medicare prescription drug program without allowing the federal government to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices.

“Meanwhile, the likes of Jim Rogers, Ben Stein, Stuart Varney, Herman Cain, and Meredith Whitney stuck up for oil companies, complained about class warfare, ‘neo-socialism,’ ‘gutless socialism,’ and the ‘elites’ of Manhattan who didn’t want Wal-Mart in their neighborhood. Stuart Varney, Fox News business reporter, was the most absurd, claiming that Democrats ‘want to make us like the French, neo-socialists, losers, appeasers to boot.’

Read the entire post here.

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