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Cramer: No changes to "Mad Money" because of Jon Stewart

April 22, 2009

CNBC “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer talked to Matt Burns of Columbus Business First about his career and his recent controversial appearance on “THe Daily Show” and said it has had no effect on how he does his show each night.

Here is an excerpt:

How do you see networks like CNBC changing as a result?

“What’s happened is we’re so epicenter now. … Most people who went into business journalism went into it as a stepping stone to be on network TV, but … I think we’re big now because of the milieu.”

With that growing presence, Cramer said, comes a “constant challenge to make sure we’re doing it right.”

“I was hired to pick stocks. That’s what I do. … If I get that right, I’m good. But if I get it wrong, I’m bad. I’m hired to make calls. I’m not hired to report. I think people are struggling with the idea of whether they’re commentators or reporters. I know where I am.”

Speaking of CNBC, how do you feel about the “Daily Show” appearance several weeks out now?

“Maybe three or four years down the road we’ll see if (Jon Stewart) was really serious about what he was saying, whether he was really interested and I got in his crosshairs.”

Has any of that led you to rethink how you approach your show?

“No. I have more people watching it than ever. My numbers have soared since the drive-by shooting.”

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