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Bloomberg reporters subpoenaed in Platinum Partners trial

April 26, 2019

Posted by Chris Roush

Bloomberg News reporters have been subpoenaed in the Platinum Partners hedge fund fraud trial, reported investigative reporter Teri Buhl.

A Bloomberg spokeswoman told Talking Biz News: “If the subpoenas to our reporters are not withdrawn, our lawyers will move to quash them.”

Buhl writes, “According to a person familiar with the case the Bloomberg reporters being subpoenaed are microcap reporter Zeke Faux and long time Business journalist Patricia Hurtado. Christine Smythe, who is now an associated editor at trade publication The Insurance Insider, is also suppose to be subpoenaed. Smythe says she isn’t aware of any subpoena. Smythe worked with Zeke Faux when she was at Bloomberg to break news that the FBI and Postal Inspectors raided the New York office of Platinum Partners on June 22, 2016, which was nearly 6 months before the hedge funders were arrested. In a letter to the judge the DOJ has already complained about journalist being subpoenaed.

“Smythe and Faux reported the raid was due to an investigation by the EDNY over problems with the hedge fund’s business. Their story described the scene in Platinum Partner’s lobby when the raid was happening so it looks like they were either tipped off to go see it or someone at the government told them what happen[ed].”

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