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January 17, 2006

Mathew Ingram, who in addition to his own blog is also the online business columnist for the Toronto Globe and Mail, had this to say about the whole Overstock/Business Week brouhaha:

“As a journalist with feet (or arms) in both the world of traditional media and the world of blogs, I’m well acquainted with the reputation that journalists have — and this exchange doesn’t do anything to help that. It’s ironic that a man who has been described by Mr. Cuban as ‘a paranoid fool’ actually comes off looking better than a reporter from a respected newsmagazine.

“Ironically, the approach Mr. Byrne took by posting the email and his comments has been used before by his nemesis Mr. Cuban. These examples are a warning to journalists everywhere — you no longer have the high ground (if you ever did), so you had better tread carefully, or your flaws will be exposed for all to see.”

Unlike a lot of business journalists I have talked to in the past few days, Ingram understands this issue better than most.

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