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Bartiromo has a hard time balancing work and life

September 17, 2006

A brief in the New York Times on Sunday noted that CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo still has a hard time balancing her work life and her personal life. Bartiromo is the subject of a cover story in Success magazine on the issue.

Success magazineReporter Jane Levere wrote, “‘I can’t say I have mastered that work-life balance — my life has been so much about work,’ she said at a party at Elaine’s in New York last week celebrating her photo on the magazine’s cover.

“That’s not great news for working women who don’t have the considerable resources available to a television star married to a wealthy investor. Still, she said that her husband, Jonathan L. Steinberg, a son of the corporate raider Saul P. Steinberg, helps her try to achieve balance. Their wealth, she said, lets her ‘take vacations if I can,’ and provide vacations for her family: She took her mother and sister to Paris for her mother’s birthday, and is planning to send her parents to the Caribbean for their 50th anniversary.”

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The magazine article, which can be read here, noted, “Once teased by the New York tabloids as the ‘Money Honey,’ Bartiromo is also becoming a media force to be reckoned with. Through hard work, tenacity and charm, Bartiromo is attracting a growing number of viewers and earning the respect of global CEOs-which has many financial print journalists in a tizzy.

“What makes Bartiromo a media threat today is her ability to access newsmaking CEOs-often on the very day they make themselves available to A-list print journalists. This means Bartiromo’s viewers get to see and hear the CEOs live that afternoon rather than waiting a day to read about them in the press. Even media Web pages can’t keep up. That means that Bartiromo is often breaking financial news-in real time.”

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