ACBJ CEO talks about the business of business news

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  1. A very thoughtful and impressive analysis of business journals, where we are now and what we need to do to position ourselves for the future. Mr. Shaw’s comments can help all of us in the industry.

  2. I agree with Whitney on his general observations about the economy. I especially agree that we, in the business publication industry, have a unique opportunity to take away readership from competitors by providing deep and sustained business story coverage in print and online. The opportunity is here and we need to seize it.

  3. As the publishing industry over the next several years evolves to become more focused on digital distribution especially via mobile devices. American City, with its strengths in business and local and national markets is in a strong position. I have great admiration for the company and am enjoying working with the teams as they develop their longer term strategies. It’s very refreshing to see a CEO be so honest open and realistic – that leadership inspires.

  4. ReporterX says:

    Scratching my head over this one – while he’s up at night thinking about the next place ACBJ needs to be, everyone else is already there. This company is plodding along in the 20th century, stuck with a Web 1.0 template and refusing to acknowledge that readers have smart phones and email, thinking they’re waiting up on Friday morning for their aged news to hit the stoop. And from his comments about operations and staff turnover, he’s obviously blissfully insulated from what’s happening on the ground in his markets.

  5. While the daily newspapers agonize about charging readers for content, ACBJ newspapers have no problem doing it. They´ve done it for years.
    What ACBJ has that dailies don´t is a strong sense among its subscribers that they are members of a club, a club that has inside information about what´s going on in their local business community.
    They have a brand loyalty because they feel that the newspaper helps them compete.
    While many in the media wring their hands about how to find new business models for news in the digital world, ACBJ already has the brand identity and user loyalty that others are searching for. Whitney is the right person to lead the company in this new environment.
    (This is written from the bias of someone who was an editor and publisher at ACBJ for 18 years and is now working in digital journalism training.)

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