By:Saysh is looking for writers

We’re looking for writers to tell meaningful stories that haven’t been told before. If you don’t have writing samples, we still encourage you to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you! ABOUT THE COMPANY By:Saysh is a digital publishing platform, brought to you by the Saysh brand. Our brand is a stage for […]

Country Roads is looking for southern cuisine writers

Louisiana and Mississippi food writers! Particularly writers interested in foodways and cultural explorations of our regional cuisine, we at Country Roads want to work with you. We have a Cuisine section in every issue—so we are absolutely always looking to connect with local food writers and to hear their pitches. ABOUT THE COMPANY Country Roads […]

Gastro Obscura is looking for food culture writers

Gastro Obscura is looking for stories for an upcoming summer series! Tentatively titled “Moveable Feasts,” the series will focus on extraordinary stories of food on-the-go, from road trip cuisine to historic nomad recipes to the unique meals that fuel the world’s intrepid explorers. Deadline: 5 June 2022 ABOUT THE COMPANY Atlas Obscura’s food section, Gastro […]

Must Have Menus is looking for restaurant writers

Hello there! Interested in crafting content that helps restaurants across the country? Join the MustHaveMenus team as a Freelance Content Writer and lend your talents to our growing content team. This is an opportunity to get creative with a successful, tight-knit, and fast-growing internet team while working your own hours and schedule. ABOUT THE COMPANY […]

Vice is looking for writers

I think we could all use a bit of queer joy right now, and I’m so excited to bring it. I want all of you to pitch me stories that are hopeful, positive, uplifting, and even just silly fun! ABOUT THE COMPANY VICE is a global media channel focusing on investigative journalism about everything from […]

LA Taco is looking for food writers

L.A. TACO is looking for pitches! If you love food and love to write about the LA area, we’d love to hear from you! ABOUT THE COMPANY L.A. TACO is a platform for the city of Los Angeles. It is a source of news and information covering food, culture, and community in the metropolitan area. […]

America’s Test Kitchen is looking for food writers

I’m looking for pitches for Season 11 of Proof from America’s Test Kitchen. Read the article below to see how to pitch! As part of our production process, we have the writers report and write the script, and then our post-production team handles the post-production (cutting, sound design, etc.). So, experience with writing for the […]

Pellicle is looing for food and drink writers

To mark our third anniversary, we have increased our rates for writers, illustrators and photographers. ABOUT THE COMPANY Pellicle is a magazine devoted to exploring beer, wine, cider, food and travel and the joy found within these cultures. It aims to capture the joie de vivre in celebrating what makes modern drinks culture so vital, […]

Smart Mouth is looking for food writers

Smart Mouth is looking for food writers. We’d love to hear you pitch! ABOUT THE COMPANY Smart Mouth: the Newsletter is a companion to Katherine Spiers’ food history podcast, Smart Mouth. It commissions articles from food and culture writers from around the world. Articles are a mix of short “try this, you’ll love it” pieces […]

Bon Appetit is looking for restaurant writers

If you want to write about restaurant culture I would love to work with you. ABOUT THE COMPANY Bon Appétit is where food and culture meet. This food lifestyle brand covers food through the lens of cooking, fashion, travel, technology, design and home. WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR I am proud of the stories we’ve […]