Reuters parent to reshape corporate structure due to pandemic

Thomson Reuters Corp. reported higher sales and operating profits and said it would reshape its corporate structure for a post-pandemic world, closing offices, streamlining technology and relying more on artificial intelligence and machines, reported Kenneth Li and Nick Zieminski of Reuters. Li and Zieminski write, “The news and information group said it would invest $500 million to $600 […]

How Forbes hopes to use data to build something better

Max Willens of Digiday examines ForbesOne, the business publisher’s first party data platform. Willens writes, “While the earliest version of ForbesOne began with 22 audience segments built using user behavior across its website, the platform now synthesizes data from 70 different datasets, allowing every part of the organization to have a nearly real-time picture of how […]

Bloomberg Media expects to hit $100 million in consumer subscriptions in 2021

Bloomberg Media is expecting to bring in at least $100 million in consumer subscription revenue in 2021, according to an internal memo sent to staff from CEO Justin Smith, reports Sara Fischer of Axios. Fischer reports, “Prior to the launch of its consumer digital subscription business three years ago, Bloomberg LP made pretty much all of its […]

How The Information built a successful tech news operation

Sarah Scire of Nieman Lab interviewed Jessica Lessin, the co-founder and CEO of tech news site The Information. Here is an excerpt: SCIRE: If I can ask you to generalize on what you’ve seen as an advisor, why does a new news organization succeed? Why do some fail? LESSIN: I think every organization I’ve seen produce really […]

How the WSJ uses data and engagement to drive digital subs

Shelley Seale of the International News Media Association writes about how The Wall Street Journal uses data and engagement to drive digital subscriptions. Seale writes, “The objective was to monetise the WSJ’s high-quality journalism with new and diverse audiences to deliver on short-term goals and build a foundation for long-term growth. Buckley said to do this, […]

How The Information gets people to pay for a subscription

Recode’s Peter Kafka interviewed The Information CEO and founder Jessica Lessin about how she has gotten people to subscribe to the seven-year-old technology news site. The Information has in the “tens of thousands” of subscribers, who pay $399 a year, and has a staff of more than 40. It expects to add 10 to 20 […]

Why VC firms are getting into journalism

Candy Cheng and Berber Jin of Business Insider write about how venture capital firms are launching their own media operations. Cheng and Jin write, “With its growing editorial hires, a16z has managed to churn out hundreds of hours of content, including articles, video interviews, podcasts, and newsletters (some of which are shared with and published by Insider). “‘What they are […]

Business Insider added 130 newsroom jobs in 2020

Lukas I. Alpert of The Wall Street Journal writes about Business Insider’s pandemic strategy, which essentially was not to change anything. Alpert writes, “Insider Inc., the parent of Business Insider and related properties, roared back in the second half of the year, posting 30% revenue growth for 2020 while turning a profit, Mr. Blodget said. A […]

What WSJ staffers learned by shadowing colleagues

Louise Story, the chief product and technology officer at The Wall Street Journal, writes about how her staff learned what others at the paper do by shadowing them for a day. Story writes, “It wasn’t long before Round Two became a Must Do. Our team members saw us visiting other people’s meetings and asked to […]

Forbes plans to hire 20-30 for newsletter initiative

Mark Stenberg of Business Insider writes about the initiative at Forbes to expand its newsletter business. Stemberg writes, “Third, the publication will be hiring 20 to 30 journalists as staff writers. These ‘Journalist Entrepreneurs’ will write newsletters about subjects they have expertise in, as well as articles for the Forbes website, which makes them eligible […]