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Industry Dive launches Legal Dive

April 26, 2022

Posted by Chris Roush

Robert Freedman, a senior editor, explains why Industry Dive has launched a new newsletter called Legal Dive.

Freedman writes, “There’s no shortage of legal news today., Law360 and others are keeping attorneys updated on important developments. These publications are covering the profession from many angles, including the in-house counsel side, so let me share some thoughts on why we think we can add value in the space.

“General counsel have a job that splits them in two. On the one hand they must be up to speed on legal developments that can have a material impact on their organization. We just saw a good example of this when earlier this month the top courts in Iowa and Massachusetts ruled against restaurant companies that are trying to get their carriers to pay up under the business interruption clause of their insurance coverage. That’s the kind of legal news GCs and chief legal officers must say up on, and the decisions were widely reported.

“But on the other hand GCs are managing a team that must work seamlessly within an organization whose goals are not legal; they’re product or service focused in the case of a business or mission focused in the case of a nonprofit. Managing a legal team in this context is different from managing lawyers in a law firm, and this is where we think we can help.

“Legal Dive aims to be the business publication for in-house counsel who want to know how to get the best out of their people, the law firms they work with and the software they use.”

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