New leader for Time Inc. business publications

Keith Kelly of The New York Post reports Friday that Time Inc. will be making a change in the person who leads its business publications, which include Fortune, Business 2.0 — which Kelly says is in danger of being folded into another magazine — and Money. Kelly wrote, “Chris Poleway, president of the group known as […]

New editor at Valleywag

Kara Swisher of The Wall Street Journal writes on her blog that Owen Thomas of Business 2.0 will leave the Time Inc. magazine to become the lead writer and editor for the Valleywag blog, a must-read for business types in the Silicon Valley. Swisher wrote, “It’s an interesting move by Gawker Media, the gossipy blog […]

New biz magazine to launch in Massachusetts

BBQ, or Berkshire Business Quarterly, will launch in the last three months of 2007, according to a news release. The magazine, which will have a circulation of 12,000, expects to draw stories from the region’s retail, financial, education, publishing, marketing, medical/health, legal, culture, manufacturing, and hospitality sectors. The magazine, geared to C-level officers, small business owners and general readers […]

New tech editor named at New York Times

Damon Darlin has been named the new technology editor at the New York Times, according to a memo from business editor Larry Ingrassia posted on the Romenesko web site. Ingrassia wrote, “Damon joined the Times two years ago to write the Your Money feature for our Saturday section. He did a great job at that […]

Business 2.0 learns about backing up

Business 2.0, the tech-oriented magazine that has told readers to consistently back up files, got a lesson in the trouble that can bring when its servers crashed and it lost the work for its June issue, writes Richard Perez-Pena in the New York Times. Perez-Pena wrote, “On the night of Monday, April 23, the magazine’s […]

Portfolio hopes to succeed despite those who want it to fail

New York magazine writer Mark Fass takes a look at the upcoming debut of Conde Nast Portfolio and examines all of the hurdles that it has had to overcome. Fass wrote, “But given the dark cloud over the industry right now, a lot of her competitors are hoping that Lipman will fail—the Schadenfreude Squad, Portfolio […]

Looking for the next disrupters

I attended a unique function this afternoon hosted by Business 2.0 magazine called “The Next Disrupters” that evolved from a cover story the magazine did back in October. The premise is simple: Gather a bunch of entrepreneurs in a room and talk about how they are changing the industries in which they operate. Moderate the […]

CNNMoney rolls out updated web site

In a bid to counteract the new web sites from Yahoo Finance and CNBC, rolled out its updated web site on Wednesday with a number of new features. The new site features include live streaming stock quotes that update automatically, without requiring a manual browser refresh. A personalization module on the homepage will track […]

Biz magazines ad sales sluggish in January

Advertising sales for business magazines in January continued to be sluggish, with many of the major publications falling, according to data from the Magazine Publishers of America. This comes off a 2006 in which the revenue for the 14 biz glossies was down slightly and pages were off as well, Ad sales for the Economist, […]

New executive editor at Business 2.0

Business 2.0 magazine named Philip Elmer-DeWitt, a longtime Time Inc. journalist, as its new executive editor, starting next week, according to a release. Business 2.0, which is also owned by Time, publishes one of my favorite pieces of business journalism — the 101 Dumbest Moments in Business — every year. In 2006, the magazine reported […]