Economist copies BusinessWeek cover headline

Jack Flack of Conde Nast Portfolio writes Sunday that the Sept. 1 cover headline “Who’s Afraid of Google?” on The Economist is exactly the same headline used on a BusinessWeek cover back in April. Flack wrote, “When they decided to use the exact same cover headline as the one Business Week employed with its Google […]

Mansueto leading bidder for struggling Business 2.0 magazine

Keith Kelly of The New York Post is reporting Friday that Joe Mansueto, who already owns Inc. and Fast Company, is apparently the leading bidder to acquire struggling business magazine Business 2.0 from Time Inc. Kelly wrote, “It is not clear exactly what Mansueto would do with the magazine, although the deal would include a subscriber […]

The downside in business magazines

Steve Greenberger, executive vice president and media director at SLG Advertising in Greenwich, Conn., talks to Media Life magazine’s Diego Vasquez about what’s ailing the business magazine category, why Inc. and Fast Company’s gains may be fleeting, and his early thoughts on Portfolio. Here are some excerpts: There’s been a lot of speculation lately over the future of […]

Decision on Business 2.0 next week?

Jason Fell and Bill Mickey write on Folio’s web site that a decision on the future of Business 2.0 magazine could come from Time Inc. next week. — a statement that the company denies. Fell and Mickey wrote, “What will become of Business 2.0? Time Inc. apparently is considering a number of options, including folding […]

Business 2.0 slated to lose $10 million

Keith Kelly of the New York Post writes Friday that Business 2.0 magazine is slated to lose $10 million this year, and Time Inc. is still trying to sell it. One of the interested buyers is the owner of Inc. and Fast Company magazines. Kelly wrote, “But while it had a worthy name, it couldn’t […]

Business 2.0 staff told that September issue won't be the last

Nat Ives of Advertising Age reports that Time Inc. business magazine Business 2.0, which many believed would be killed after its September issue, has gotten a temporary reprieve. Apparently the Facebook group — which now has more than 2,000 members, including the Talking Biz News administrator — created to save the magazine had some effect. […]

Facebook group aims to save biz mag Business 2.0

Nat Ives of Advertising Age writes Wednesday that a Facebook group has been created to try to save business magazine Business 2.0, which is in danger of being shuttered by parent Time Inc. in September. Ives wrote, “Since its establishment yesterday morning, the group has attracted more than 160 members, many of them prominent in […]

End for Business 2.0 could be near

Brad Stone of The New York Times writes for Tuesday’s paper that technology magazine Business 2.0 could publish its last issue in September because of low ad sales. Editor Josh Quittner has been trying to save the magazine, including seeking venture capital to buy the glossy from parent Time Inc., Stone wrote. Stone wrote, “Aside […]

Business magazines underperform vs. industry in second quarter

Advertising dollars in 15 business-related magazines fell 5.5 percent in the second quarter of the year, while ad pages dropped 10.2 percent, according to data from the Publishers Information Bureau analyzed by Talking Biz News. In comparison, the overall magazine industry saw a 5.2 percent increase in ad dollars and just a 1.9 percent decline […]

How biz journalists get their iPhones to write critiques

Josh Quittner, the editor of Business 2.0 magazine, notes that business writers for Newsweek and USA Today who have written positive books about Apple are among those who received advance versions of the new iPhone to write a review before its Friday launch. Quittner’s magazine, on the other hand, did not receive one in advance. Quittner […]