Kantrow: SPJ president misses the mark on biz journalism

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  1. George says:

    Right on, Yvette! The problem that goes unmentioned is that it actually takes some knowledge about business to understand how they operate, as opposed to the puff consumerism pieces. Most papers have business staffs that may have started out on the news desk and learned about business from writing about it, as opposed to those who work at specialty business publications and the majors, who more likely have some formal training in the matter (finance degrees, MBAs anyone?) or may have even come from business, banking, or consulting. Can’t tell you how many errors I see in local papers due to unskilled business reporters trying to tackle (and mangle) subjects beyond their ability. Thanks to the rise in stock owernship in the ’90s, business now is akin to sports — a surprising number of people do follow the “inside baseball” from both a financial interest standpoint, as well as a curiosity standpoint.

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