Noir Tower is looking for a finance writer

May 20, 2022

Posted by Margarita Sanabria

We are looking for highly competent business writers to join our ranks. For the right candidate, we offer highly competitive rates and performance bonuses.


Noir Tower works with some of the most respected intellectuals in academia. Almost all of them are published writers eager to showcase and pass on their knowledge in the craft of conducting research. All of them are highly skilled, experienced, and professional.

Noir Tower is looking for top-tier business writers to join our ranks. Offering a full suite of academic services to support students, Noir Tower has been on the forefront of academic business research, providing high quality academic content to a niche client base who can afford to pay top dollar.

Project are offered individually by admins to writers based on their suitability. There is no project pool and therefore no direct competition between writers. Noir Tower encourages collaboration and teamwork, not competition.


As a business writer, you will be helping students in a variety of ways. You will create model business content, including case study analyses, memos, business plans and market reports, among others.

As a top-tier business writer, you will conduct due diligence and research on various industries, markets, and companies, observing trends and gaining insight about work processes, practices, and sometimes make recommendations.


  • An MBA from a top-tier institution or a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Strategic Management, or any business discipline.
  • A minimum of 1 year experience as a freelance writer, consultant, or in a capacity where writing is at the centre of their responsibilities


  • Excellent research skills utilized to collect, analyze and present either quantitative or qualitative data
  • Ability to find valuable raw data from many sources and present it visually employing graphs, charts, and other figures.
  • Provide actionable insights that put forth recommendations and drive business results
  • Excellent business writing skills and ability to present writing in neat, and professional format
  • Superb mastery of the English language and excellent use of academic conventions


  •  Short biography explaining your interests in the position
  • Resume
  • 2-3 samples of your academic or professional/research-based, or data-driven work

*Candidates who fail to provide all of the above will not be considered

To apply, either submit your application along with the requested information by applying to this job post


  • $50 – $70 an hour


For more information, visit their website.

Apply here.

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