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WSJ promotes its standards and ethics

June 15, 2021

Posted by Chris Roush

Dow Jones & Co. executive vice president of consumer Suzi Watford and Wall Street Journal editor for standards and ethics Emma Moody sent out the following on Tuesday:

Dear Colleague,

Earlier this year we launched our news literacy initiative in partnership with the News Literacy Project (NLP). This is a long-term, company-wide effort to provide our customers, and also our colleagues, insights into the differences between news, analysis and commentary and to help identify trustworthy sources.

To be the source of truth for decision-makers, we need to ensure our members and customers can trust what we publish every day.

We kicked things off with a focus on educating readers and future members on the differences between The Wall Street Journal’s News and Opinion sections, including guidance on how we distinguish between the two on WSJ.com.

In part two of this ongoing campaign, we are bringing attention to the importance of standards and ethics in the WSJ newsroom

We’ve created a powerful video that captures the central role standards and ethics plays in The Wall Street Journal’s journalism and how it connects to our mission of fostering trust. Click on the link below to watch it and visit newsliteracy.wsj.com to learn more.

The Wall Street Journal has a longstanding tradition of producing ambitious, fact-based journalism of the highest standard. In the newsroom, the Standards & Ethics team works closely with journalists throughout the reporting process to help safeguard this tradition and remain fair, accurate and impartial across coverage areas.

Whether it’s an article, a video or a podcast, the Standards & Ethics team is dedicated to ensuring we fairly present all sides of the story through rigorous, fact-based reporting.

Having this team of experienced journalists embedded in the newsroom is something that really sets the Journal apart.

We all should be really proud of our journalism and the practices in place to ensure it’s always fair, factual and balanced. We encourage you to share this video.

Remember, no matter whether you work in one of the newsrooms or elsewhere across the business, we all play a role in actively living up to the standards and ethics that make Dow Jones uniquely trusted.


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