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Why WSJ Noted is going after younger readers

July 7, 2020

Posted by Chris Roush

Atlantic Media’s The Idea takes a look at WSJ Noted, the new online magazine aimed at consumers under the age of 35.

The Idea writes, “Noted is intentionally experimental — according to Story, it is primarily a way to ‘see what really resonates with younger audiences.’ This is evident in its tagline, which is telling stories ‘for, with, and by’ young audiences. For example, WSJ has recruited a group of 200 young people to be ‘Noted Advisers’ who will provide feedback and story ideas and collaborate with the Noted team (and likely serve as an organic network of brand ambassadors). This builds on WSJ’s existing emphasis on audience engagement, for example, through callouts which ‘solicit feedback from the audience [who] come in with many different anecdotes and tips and pointers that would become great stories,’ by involving the target readership throughout the reporting process. 
“This increased engagement may convert students to subscribers once they no longer receive access through universities, or more generally more relevant content may lead younger readers to hit up against the paywall more frequently. WSJ already has partnerships with 200 academic institutions, which provide access to their students; Noted could be key to keeping those young people reading — and subscribing — once they graduate. While Noted will have a heavy presence on Instagram and other platforms, its web presence will be behind WSJ’s dynamic paywall. Its monthly cover story, however, will live outside the paywall, and WSJ stories linked or excerpted in Noted stories will be free to read.”

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