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Why there are jobs in business journalism

June 7, 2011

Posted by Chris Roush

Alexis Grant, who writes about business for US News & World Report, writes on her personal blog about why a career in business journalism is the way to go.

Grant writes, “Why are there opportunities in biz journalism? Maybe because there’s a paucity of journalists who have the know-how to cover business-related topics. Or maybe because business beats haven’t been shrunk or eliminated quite as badly as other beats, like foreign and Washington bureaus.

“Whatever the reason, this opportunity is screaming out to young journalists. Take it and run with it.

“But you don’t want to cover business, you say? Here’s the secret, what I wish someone had told me when I used that reasoning years ago: Plenty of business journalism jobs don’t focus solely on business. You may need an understanding of money and economics to handle those beats, but lots of gigs have a money slant rather than a business-only focus.

“Let me give you a few examples. Take my beat, careers. I write mostly practical pieces focused on hiring trends or how to look for a job, so a financial background isn’t necessary. But my competitors at, say, The Wall Street Journal, write job-search stories that have more of an economics bent — while still shedding light on a practical topic that applies to the general public. My colleague who covers personal finance is successful largely because of her knack for bringing sometimes-complicated money topics down to a level where she can help readers with everyday problems, like how to afford a house or a baby or a sabbatical.

“And plenty of business reporters who work for local publications tell stories of the rise and fall not only of businesses, but of the people who run them. Of course, that’s the secret sauce behind any journalistic endeavor, to show how whatever you’re writing about affects people.”

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