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Why Mark Cuban reads the NY Times' biz section

May 15, 2006

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who made $1 billion when he sold his technology company in the late 1990s just before the stock market bubble burst, has been known to voice his opinion about various topics.

Mark CubanThe topic on his blog today was journalism, and he had this to say about why he always reads the New York Times’ business section: “Depth and differentiation beat speed and regurgitation. I read the NY Times business section with a grain of salt, knowing it can be less than factual, but I read it every day. I know that they differentiate themselves by finding topics of interest to me that I can’t find anywhere else. If they find something I care about, the net, among other tools, allows me to find out more. The NY Times business section gets my business because their stories are different from the stories I read anywhere else.”

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So, if you want to attract readers like Cuban in your market, then produce stories that no one else has done.

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