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Why does Times give space to Blodget?

November 12, 2007

Posted by Chris Roush

New York Times public editor Clark Hoyt writes about why the business section of the newspaper has printed articles from former Wall Street analyst Henry Blodget, who has been barred from working in the investment industry again.

Henry BlodgetHoyt wrote, “I think there are two questions here. One is whether The Times properly identifies Blodget when he writes for the paper. I don’t think so. His name was big in financial news at one time, but many readers do not know him.

“The bigger question is whether The Times should be publishing him at all. Like Nocera, I believe in second chances, and Blodget seems to be doing fine establishing a new career. But why would The Times give a former analyst who lied to investors a platform to write about financial markets? If he wanted to write about how investors can spot phony reports by analysts, that would be one thing. But each time the newspaper uses Blodget as it has, it is conferring greater expert status on him.

“These deals work two ways. The Times’s luster may help Blodget. But some of his taint rubs off on The Times.”

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