Who will be No. 1 at CNBC?

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2 Responses

  1. Lee Gibson says:

    I lost considerable respect for Friedman after reading this article and seeing his praise of Joe Kernan, who, after Kudlow and Kneale, is the biggest hack on the air over there.

  2. Michael Gordon says:

    These two financial lightweights can both go and fly a kite! They, along with Joe K., Rick Santelli, and lately rich Ron Insana can also fly some kites. And let us not forget the Court Jester, Jim Cramer or Michelle Caruso Cabrera (whose TV voice is enough to kill). These are all fools, filled with themselves, and sounding moronic on a daily basis!
    Mark Haines and David Faber are two decent stalwarts, and frankly I only tune into CNBC to listen to them. CNBC is a joke as far as financial “reporting” is concerned. To put it another way, they know not whereof they speak, and would be well advised to shut up or shut down or just get the F off the air.

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