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What’s behind the Toronto Star/Wall Street Journal partnership

June 12, 2018

Posted by Chris Roush

John Boynton, the publisher of the Toronto Star, spoke about the paper’s new partnership with The Wall Street Journal where it is now publishing content from the business newspaper.

Here is an excerpt:

Why the Wall Street Journal? What is the Star Business Journal? Can you set it up for us?

It’s an initiative between The Wall Street Journal and ourselves. We’re taking two world class organizations — the Toronto Star and TorStar’s other dailies — known for great local reporting, investigative reporting, very strong brands — and we’re partnering with them specifically on business content, and adding that to our own business content to provide a much more robust set of combined business content for our customers.

What’s the data that supports this?

There’s a large group of customers out there. We have our priority customers that we’re going after, that we really want to surprise and delight and make as satisfied as we can with our service. A couple of those segments are very interested in business news. It’s very clear to us in the data that in order to earn those people subscribing to your news you have to have a robust business section.

Will the Star Business Journal be using mostly economic and financial Wall Street Journal coverage – because as you mentioned the WSJ provides a range of subjects?

Yes, they cover tech. They have a very good tech section. They cover markets, global markets; they cover business in general, they cover finance. But they also are very good at specializing in some specific functional things. They have a whole plethora of content just for people in the IT industry, people in the marketing industry, people in the finance industry, people in the procurement industry — and then they also have very deep coverage of certain sectors.

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