What to do with Wednesday biz sections?

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  1. We’ll revert to our usual post-holiday layout for Biz.
    We reduced our 2 pages of stock listings to just a half-page of highlights more than a year ago (I still get calls objecting to that). In exchange for the cutback, I got a 4th reporter position and a greater commitment to local Biz news (Hooray!).
    We’d find a good use for the half page if it remained in Biz Wednesday, but no dice.

  2. Bernie Kohn says:

    I made my pitch to put business in front of sports for a change. Met with derisive laughter.

  3. Bill Choyke, Business Editor says:

    Wednesday? Heck, I am still trying to get past Monday. We will likely eliminate stocks (yes we still have two pages), hope the local lede-piece or centerpiece we finally put in motion works, and then craft a readable and lively biz section like like a gin player molds a good hand – and then get out the door quickly.

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