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Website covering emerging markets launched

October 24, 2016

Posted by Chris Roush

Emerging Maket ViewsEmerging Market Views, a website covering emerging markets, launched last week.

The site is the creation of Dawn Kissi, a CNBC contributor whose journalism career began in the New York newsroom of ABC News. She has since reported on a range of topics from the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

In addition to covering BRICS, the site will look at many of the so-called frontier and smaller markets, including sub-Saharan Africa, a number of ASEAN nations and Latin American markets such as Colombia. The site is publishing three days a week and hopes to publish daily by February 2017.

“We are looking at monetary issues and policy as well as what’s moving the economies and why,” said Kissi in an email to Talking Biz News. “Entrepreneurship, for example, is on the rise in many emerging markets. So areas such as technology, FDI, along with macro and economic news will be covered.

“These issues really set the tone in many of the emerging markets as a number of them are dollar-pegged. Between their currency peg, commodities, geopolitical and domestic issues, there is a lot happening around these economies that just won’t ever make it to mainstream and consumer publications.”

Kissi said while working on a prototype of the site, she received feedback from asset managers, commodities and currency traders, and other market players who agreed that while these are smaller markets with opportunities, information and insights aren’t as available as they wanted.

“We are looking to not only build an engaged community, ‎but to offer a higher-level of journalism and discussion around the emerging markets,” said Kissi.

Paywall options are being reviewed for the site’s videos and op-eds and will likely be in place by the end of 2017.

“We will leave news and analysis free for the time being,” said Kissi.


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