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September 21, 2008

Multichannel News editor Mark Robichaux talked to CNBC president Mark Hoffman about how the network has handled its coverage of the Wall Street and the economy in the past week.

Here is an excerpt:

Mark HoffmanMCN: The recent market drop, government bailout and consumer reaction is an incredibly complex story. How would you rate CNBC’s job at explaining it?

Mark Hoffman: I think they’ve been thoughtful and they’ve been measured and they’ve been fair. You can’t call it anything but a crisis, and I think we have an exceptionally strong, knowledgeable team that has delivered on-air, behind the scenes and online.

MCN: There’s been a lot of focus recently on “talking heads� in the media. That’s led to speculation that some reports or reporters on CNBC can influence the markets or the fortunes of certain companies. Are you concerned that your talent may be too eager on certain stories?

MH: We’re mindful of our responsibility. In fact, we’re set up for balance and fairness. Three years ago, we interviewed 40 people a day or so domestically; now we’re over 120 people a day. And that’s all about a diversity of opinion and fostering thoughtful interchange on the air.

We do that every day. We’re always focused on the inherent conflict in business, and it is the airing of all sides of a particular issue that’s really at the heart and soul of what CNBC is about. You know this from your business experience: The most inherent conflict there is, the most fundamental conflict, lives in business, and that’s when one person wants to buy something and another person wants to sell it.

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