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Things we hate about CNBC

May 8, 2008

Kevin Price is compiling a list on Seeking Alpha of things that occur on CNBC that he doesn’t like.

CNBCHere’s a sampling:

  • Erin Burnett insisting that her guests say something positive. We like positive stuff ourselves–where it’s justified. But scraping around for a “silver lining” for its own sake strikes us as something other than disinterested.
  • Dennis Kneale. We don’t understand Kneale’s relentless, damn-the-evidence optimism on the economy and the markets. But the real problem with Kneale is that no one on CNBC’s air gets more immediate corrections, curious looks, and dismissive headshakes. It’s the willful cluelessness, not the opinions themselves, that make Kneale CNBC’s most mutable voice. We simply do not understand why the network has made him such a fixture. Perhaps it’s because no one with a fuller sense of reality could muster Kneale’s spin–a kind of spin CNBC’s decision-makers think they need to sustain their audience.
  • “It’s four o’clock on Wall Street. Do you know where your money is?” What in the world is that supposed to mean? Why do Maria Bartiromo and her understudies insist on saying it every day? This is a daily must-mute moment.

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