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The Street.com writes about Cramer's Mad Money

February 3, 2006

And it was noticed by The Stalwart, a blog about business, the economy and markets. This blog is edited by a small money manager in the Northeast, but it often has some telling commentary about how stocks and businsses are covered in the wonderful world of business media.

Jim CramerToday’s post stated, “As much as we could joke about the utter irrelevancy of TheStreet.com, you have to be impressed, sometimes, with their introspectiveness. Though perhaps, it’s nothing more than the lucidness associated with a man on his deathbed. Today, they allowed Barry Ritholtz to write about ‘Mad Money’ Madness–the fact that so many are willing to speculate, in knee-jerk manner, on whatever utterances come from Jim Cramer’s mouth. Other than the way Cramer’s fans can move a stock, there’s also a thriving market, it seems in Mad Money paraphernalia, including (the utterly disturbing) Jim Cramer bobble-head figures..”

To read Ritholtz’s article, go here. Apparently talking Jim Cramer bobble head dolls are going for $100 on E-Bay.

Just one question: How much extra would I have to pay to get one that DIDN’T talk?

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