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The most coveted beat in journalism

February 12, 2008

Posted by Chris Roush

Alyssa Krinsky of TVNewser talked Tuesday with CNBC‘s Carl Quintanilla, who is the co-anchor of the business news cable network’s Squawk Box show every morning.

Here is an excerpt:

1. TVNewser: As a broadcaster, the three-hour, live Squawk Box, with all of its free-wheeling banter and analysis, is…

Carl QuintanillaQuintanilla: .. one of the best gigs in television. Honest. For one thing, the amount of business news that breaks in those three hours is mind-blowing. To be able to convey all of it clearly — without a script — and still save time to joke about Gisele Bundchen‘s (alleged) demand to be paid in Euros…well, it’s the kind of opportunity they just don’t make enough of. I also get to sit next to Joe Kernen and Becky Quick. You won’t meet two finer co-anchors on the planet.

2. TVNewser: Compared to my previous wide-ranging work for NBC News, focusing on business news is:

Quintanilla: At the moment? The most coveted beat in journalism. Look at the lead of every newspaper, magazine and television show in this country. It’s about the economy and where we’re headed. Are there moments where I wouldn’t mind being in a hurricane or on a campaign trail doing politics? Sure. But money, as a story, has every human element general news has: anger, inspiration, jealousy, greed…It’s just a matter of telling those stories with a human touch.

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