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The blogging world of Felix Salmon

September 17, 2009

Marion Maneker of The Big Money examines the influence of Reuters financial blogger Felix Salmon, previously of Portfolio.com.

Maneker writes, “In hiring Salmon, Reuters, one of the original one-way communications systems, has acknowledged the importance of fostering open-ended conversations. Salmon’s ability to repackage, recontextualize and reorient the work of other writers is surely the thing of value he brings to the organization.

“‘I may, at times, disagree with Felix and his views,’ Roubini says today in between flights to his next speaking engagement, ‘but I have the greatest respect for his professional abilities: smart, sharp, witty, a great engaging writer. Also, he is intellectually honest and when he makes a mistake, he is willing to admit that without being defensive.’

“‘I have no equity in being right,’ Salmon told me, apropos his willingness to take the other side of an argument just to see where it goes. Salmon’s genial engagement has been the secret of his success. Read Salmon’s take on any of the wide range of topics — from myriad credit issues to the economics of South Spanish wine to the travails of Annie Leibovitz’s loan officer — and you’ll see detailed reasoning, deliberate counterargument, and a matter-of-fact pronouncement of Salmon’s own sometimes over-the-top views.”

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