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CNBC.com ME surprised at business-related Olympics coverage

August 24, 2008

CNBC.com managing editor Allen Wastler writes that many times, business journalists force a story when they write about the business angle of a non-business event, like the Oscars or sports.

Allen WastlerBut, he added, he’s been pleasantly surprised with the business news cable network’s coverage of sports business stories focused on the Olympics.

Wastler writes, “I thought our Olympics coverage would end up being like the Oscar example above. Some legitimate money points here and there, but basically business journalism horning in on a non-business event (albeit one intertwined with our corporate mothership).

“The CNBC team over there proved me wrong. Over the past couple of weeks, we had more information about black tape, Speedo, and shoe economics than I ever thought possible. And some deep dives on the corporate dancing behind sponsorships and endorsements. And if I were allowed to invest in individual stocks, I’d be exploring some sporting ideas right now.

“In short, our coverage was much more useful and interesting than I expected it to be. Instead of a cursory look at sports and money, it turned into an in-depth lesson about the business tentacles running through world’s biggest sporting event.”

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