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Skilling's law firm reads the Chronicle's blog on trial

April 12, 2006

Houston Chronicle business columnist Loren Steffy has discovered that there are lawyers working for the same law firm as the lawyer who represents former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling that are avid readers of his blog about the current Enron trial in which Skilling is a defendant.

Loren Steffy's blogSteffy got a barrage of comments on his blog about the trial earlier in the week, and so he did a little investigating and discovered that the IP addresses all come from O’Melveny Myers LLP, the law firm representing Skilling. He called the law firm asking for comment about whether the firm had a policy about its employees posting on blogs, but hasn’t heard back yet. Interestingly, the posts stopped as well.

Writes Steffy, “Personally, I welcome the comments, even the snarky ones that question my integrity. This is, after all, supposed to be a discussion, and why shouldn’t Skilling’s lawyers be able to weigh in? However, I think under the circumstances, the comments should indicate whether the people making them have any connection to the case.

“By the way, some of you were wondering if prosecutors had posted any comments. So far, I haven’t been able to identify any as coming from the Department of Justice. But as many of you know, the Internet is a great sea of anonymity, so it’s impossible to be certain. For that matter, I haven’t identified any comments from Ken Lay’s defense team, either.”

Read more here. Great stuff.

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