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Santa talks labor issues, stimulus

December 25, 2009

Leigh Kelley, a business reporter with the Hendersonville Times-News in North Carolina, recently sat down for an interview with Santa Claus himself, president and CEO of one of the world’s most successful organizations, “Christmas Inc.”

Here is an excerpt:

L.K.: You seemed to have a labor relations problem earlier this season with the elves. I understand they were protesting over the organization’s dress code because their pointy shoes were uncomfortable, even taking to the airwaves through radio and television ads to declare that “elfish joy” would disappear and not return until their demands for more comfortable foot wear were met. Has this situation been resolved?

S.C.: Well, those shoes do pinch, so we gave them some slack this year. We told them they could wear other shoes if they wanted as long as they stay in their lederhosen (leg wear). You have to make concessions sometimes if you want to keep good employees.

L.K.: Some businesses took advantage of President Obama’s federal stimulus program this year. Did you?

S.C.: No, we didn’t need to borrow any money. We have an endowment and that money come from donations by folks all around the world. Even though it has been less than in years past, we have not had to touch our principal, so we’re in good shape. We’re leveraged pretty well.

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