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No progress in Dow Jones talks

March 1, 2007

The union that represents business journalists at The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Marketwatch reported that negotiations on Wednesday did not result in any progress toward a new contract.

Dow JonesIn an updated posted on its web site, the Independent Association of Publishers Employees wrote, “Two weeks ago, we presented the company’s negotiators with detailed new proposals on healthcare, outsourcing, maternity/paternity benefits, child care and a variety of other issues. Wednesday we got their response: A big nothing.

“They told us that they were so uninterested in our proposals that they weren’t even going to bother submitting counter-proposals. They said they might consider a little something here or there, on standby pay, perhaps, or on the amount we are reimbursed for emergency child care.

“But on the core issues of healthcare, wages and outsourcing, they said they couldn’t be bothered to propose anything new. As for our family-friendly proposals to improve maternity/paternity benefits and access to child care centers — forget it, they said.

“‘Do not expect that we will have any fruitful discussions in these areas,’ they intoned.

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