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No more important time for business journalism

March 4, 2009

Steve Krakauer of TVNewser interviewed Fox Business Network anchor Alexis Glick about her job, and some of the discussion centered around business journalism.

Here is an excerpt:

Let’s talk about the upcoming TVNewser Summit: You’re going to be one of the keynote speakers, talking about the business of TV news. Describe your view of the business today.

I think there is no more critical time in our history in terms of the role business news is playing both on TV, on the Internet, and in print and in radio. There’s no doubt that this is a moment where people who are in the business news industry are creating and shaping the American dialogue about what is happening to this economy, which makes our job more challenging than ever. It is so dynamic, so fast-moving. The news flow is one of the most challenging things I’ve ever experienced in my career in working on Wall Street and the news business.

[You have to make] sure that every single thing you say is correct, and that you’ve checked it and double-checked it, and that you’ve kept your eye on the news wires and on what’s happening. It’s so crucial. I find before I do an interview, before I talk to a head of state, or an executive from a corporation, it’s like being back in undergrad. You’ve got to be over-prepared. There’s so many tentacles tied to the future of so many different industries right now that the risk of saying something that’s inaccurate — that’s going to create more euphoria or negativity or add to the doom and gloom — [It] is very crucial that you draw the line, that you state the facts, that you remain fair and balanced, that you ask the difficult questions but that you know the questions you’re asking are going to impact millions and millions of people’s lives every day. I believe our connection to this story is even greater than any other story that we’ve had in my time in economic journalism.

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