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February 6, 2006

Michael Lewis, the acclaimed author of Liar’s Poker and Moneyball, writes a column for Bloomberg News. In his most-recent column, he took up the issue of New York real estate developer Donald Trump’s lawsuit against New York Times business writer Timothy O’Brien for defaming him by allegedly underreporting his networth in the new book TrumpNation.

Donald TrumpLewis writes, “In short, Donald Trump is saying that he is a success because people believe he is a success. He may even believe it. But is it true? The producers of “The Apprentice” greeted the news of Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts’ Chapter 11 filing with indifference — they sensed, rightly, that the people buying Donald Trump’s fantasy didn’t care much about the underlying reality. It seems more likely that Trump will remain a success so long as he can persuade himself that he is a success, which is a different thing.

“Tim O’Brien hasn’t sold many books, but he may have done something even more remarkable: caused Donald Trump, for just a moment, to wonder about himself.”

Read the entire column here.

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