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Miami Herald biz section wants bloopers

January 16, 2006

Mimi Whitfield, the Business Monday editor for the Miami Herald, is seeking buisness bloopers from her readers. In the interest of fair disclosure, she disclosed this in today’s newspaper:

“But I suspect my most embarrassing job-related faux pas tops these stories. In the interest of disclosure, I’ll share.
One Thanksgiving my boss invited the entire staff to dinner at his newly decorated home. As the feast was winding down, I began to feel queasy and tried to slip away from the table.

“I made it as far as the hallway where I spewed the entire Thanksgiving dinner. Think an outpouring of Exorcist proportions. As the party continued merrily, I feebly signaled the deputy business editor to help me clean up the damage.

“Such embarrassing moments show we’re human, says Diane Domeyer, executive director of OfficeTeam. In my case, it would seem super human.

”’The best way to handle awkward moments is to gracefully move on, if possible, try to find humor in the situation,”’ says Domeyer.

“With that in mind, readers, I also expect you to share your business bloopers. Send them to me and we’ll publish them in an upcoming issue of Business Monday.”

This reminds me of the time I was interviewing a Coke executive during a lunch meeting at its headquarters who choked on a piece of food. His lunch proceeded to come out on the table in front of us. The PR person in the room then had to clean up while we continued the interview.

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