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Medium launches biz magazine Marker

September 10, 2019

Posted by Chris Roush

Medium has launched Marker, an online business magazine, with Paul Smalera as editor in chief.

Smalera writes, “A marker tells you where something is — and what’s important about it. It’s a signpost that provides direction and clarity, and conveys information. It’s also a standard setter; when you lay down a marker for yourself or your company, you are setting out the terms by which you aspire to operate. And whether it’s an IPO, turning your balance sheet black, or contemplating becoming a B Corp, we all have our own mental models for markers of success.

“By chronicling the world of startups, we aim to give you the information you need to make smart decisions and analyses at your company and in your career. With honest, unvarnished contributions from operators in the field, you will gain access to the kinds of insight, information, and conversation that insiders have. And with deeply reported, engaging narratives about the biggest businesses in the world, you will learn from the successes, struggles, and failures of companies, leaders, and legends.

“Marker will tell stories about the cycle of value: how it is created, as with JP Mangalindan’s profile of Faire. This Etsy-like platform that connects wholesalers with retailers was founded by three former Square engineers who spotted an opportunity to organize an online marketplace for the same small businesses served by their former employer.”

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