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Media Bistro's 2006 crystal ball for business news

January 3, 2006

The Media Bistro web site asked its reads for predictions for the new year for TV busines news. Some of the more outrageous predictions from the crystal ball include Jim Cramer leaving CNBC for Fox’s new business channel and being joined by Maria Bartiromo.

One of the more interesting predictions is this: “CNBC programming changes will prove to be disasterous and we will see some moves back to viewer liking. Mark Haines back to Squawk, Erin Burnett can handle Squawk on the Street by herself, she is quite capable, Carl Quintanilla may join Erin on the Street. Faber might pop up onSquawk during the last half of the show into SOTS and Charlie Gasparino will appear less frequently. They will gradually put the bug back on the bottom right (or maybe even above the NYSE ticker) and eventually put volumes back in the ticker. Expect to see some of these moves around the Olympic break. Now if only they can do something about those awful charts, noises, that depressing dark blue scheme, and that boring music!”

Read the entire post here. It’s worth it at least for the entertainment value.

By the way, Maria is causing some problems with the schedule at CNBC, according to this Media Bistro posting from late last week.

I’m about to have to turn in my Guy Card here, but I always liked Faber and Insana better than Bartiromo while watching CNBC.

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