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McDonald defines who she is

May 5, 2009

Elizabeth MacDonald, the stock market editor at Fox Business Network, talked about the best business journalism to read to learn about the economy and her career with the Woman Around Town site.

Here is an excerpt:

It’s important today that teenagers achieve some level of financial literacy.  Who do you think is best able to give them a good financial education?

I hope this doesn’t sound too much like a plug, but Fox Business provides great financial coverage, with solid reporting. I’d also encourage kids to start reading the Fox Business website, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Smart Money, Dow Jones news reports, The Financial Times and The Economist.  I started reading the business publications at an early age, picking them up to read and loitering in magazine stores. I didn’t have the money, couldn’t afford them. My parents had 8 children.

You have a flourishing career as a business journalist.  Who were your role models? How did they encourage you in your career aspirations?

Flourishing, that’s being kind and generous. I’ve been working since I was 15, starting out in a bank.  And, I’ve wanted to be a journalist since I was 10 years old. My role models were my parents and my brothers and sisters. They teased me, fought with me, plus debated me over the dinner table. With the knives, forks, and tempers flaring, it was like lightning bolts were shooting across the table -– a great training ground.

Was there any point in your career when you were discouraged?

Sure. I’ve left many a smoking wreck of career crackups behind me. But so what, who cares? I don’t let anyone define who I am — no boss will ever do that.

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