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Maria Bartiromo on her next chapter

March 7, 2014

Posted by Chris Roush

Jennifer Chang of Success magazine profiled Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo about her new job and her new shows.

Change writes, “‘Today, I think people want broader conversation, they want deeper understanding of the business issues of the day,’ explains Bartiromo in an interview with SUCCESS. ‘So I’m going to try to do longer interviews, I’m going to try to do conversations, bring together smart, global-minded informed people to talk about the big stories of the day in a good analysis that’s not a knee-jerk reaction, that’s not going from trading floor to trading floor. I really want to try to bring perspective.’

“Besides Opening Bell, Bartiromo will host a show at Fox News Channel on Sundays. Expected to launch at the end of the first quarter, the business-themed program is what she sees as ‘a void in the market.’

“‘Every Sunday, you see all these politically-minded figures on the air — Meet the Press, etc. All they’re doing are spewing out their talking points and they’re talking about the issues of the country, but very rarely do you see anyone connect the dots — meaning, it’s about the economy, it’s about business, it’s about creating jobs.’

“As Bartiromo continues discussing her big picture goals, it’s clear that her vision for innovation has no bounds. ‘I want to get the people who are the front lines talking about these issues, rather than having politicals on all day long; we’re going to get business into the conversation. My show that I had on CNBC was trying to do that a little, but this is a bigger opportunity because I’m going to be filming it live for most of Sunday.’

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