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Jim Cramer vs. Henry Blodget

February 7, 2007

“Mad Money” host Jim Cramer and Slate writer Henry Blodget, the disgraced former Wall Street analyst who now writes for Slate, apparently don’t like each other.

Jim CramerEarlier this week, Dealbreaker.com’s Bess Levin caught up with Blodget at a New York event for his new book and filed a report about whether he and Cramer would like to debate each other.

She wrote, “There are more drinks to be had so we move toward the bar where the conversation is about how one might convince Jim Cramer debate Blodget live. I offer that perhaps dangling a piece of cheese on a string and making Cramer run after it, ultimately leading him into some sort of auditorium where, coincidentally, Blodget, a camera crew and an audience are present might do the trick, but my suggestion is ignored. Unfortunately, nobody comes up with anything better, so a request is placed to ‘put it out on DealBreaker tomorrow’: Why won’t Jim Cramer Debate His Critics? (Consider it put).

“We circulate a bit more, waiting for the groupies to fan out of Blodget’s way and make an introduction. Upon hearing the name ‘DealBreaker’ a look of panic spread’s across Blodget’s face but he toughs it out, and even manages to ask us if we ever write about Jim Cramer. Since we do, we say yes, and since we’re completely sycophantic by nature, add, ‘Though we like you better! Even though you don’t have your own bobble head. Have you looked into getting one of those?’ He laughs nervously and completely avoids answering the question which we take to mean ‘no.’ And that’s rather unfortunate because, as we all know, bobble heads sell books.

“However, thumbing through my free copy of the book now shows that, on average, no chapter is more than six pages, so that’s got to count for something, right?

“Anyway, feel free to leave suggestions per Cramer below or here. The best entry wins a copy of Jack Welch’s Winning: The Answers.”

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