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Investor's Biz Daily redesigns markets page

May 8, 2006

Beginning on Tuesday, Investor’s Business Daily will come out with a redesigned general markets page, according to a news release from the paper.

The page will include new stock market indexes that focus on the strongest emerging growth areas in the economy. The new tracking indexes are derived from IBD’s most popular stock screens–The IBD 100 and The Weekly Review 85-85. They join IBD’s The New America Index, which tracks the dynamic companies profiled on IBD’s daily New America page. These indexes highlight top performing companies, often the newer names not yet widely known that continue to outperform the S&P 500 by a broad margin.

Investor's Business DailyThe expanded page comes at a time when many newspapers are significantly cutting back their financial content.

Newspaper founder William O’Neil said in the release, “These indexes are a better representation of performance by the innovative companies in America today. The older indexes are still significant and have shown growth, but not the dramatic levels seen in newer entrepreneurial companies.â€?

O’Neil noted that the NYSE, Dow and even S&P 500 have older, well-known companies that are the ‘maintainers,’ critical to our economy. “However, it’s the newer, dynamic entrepreneurial companies with new products and services that are seeing the strongest gains and creating most of America’s new jobs,” he said. “It’s an important area of the market to watch.â€?

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