Investigative biz journalism web site to start

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  1. Virginia Gilbert says:

    Way to go Chris! Cuban couldn’t ask for a better muckraker.

  2. Charles says:

    How about GOVERNMENT malfeasance? Govt. commits more corrupt/illegal acts and steals more money in a DAY than ALL companies combined do in a YEAR.

  3. I am an attorney some of whose practice involves representing defrauded investors. Have you considered running an article about how the United States Supreme Court has beginning in 1988 and continuing through 1995 gutted the federal securities laws which were designed to protect investors?

  4. Bill Anderson says:

    As this effort becomes established and gains currency I’m hoping there will be space for labor news, particularly to the extent that labor’s issues serve as counterpoint to the short-sighted actions of ethically bankrupt corporate leaders who have no compunction about exploiting the law at the expense of democracy.

  5. On your investigative reporting, I have a duzzie for you.
    In Oklahoma City, the City and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation are going to re-route a portion of I-40, for 4.3 miles (at a cost of $500 million) right through the railyard of the Union Station at a time when the City and the state is in dire need of an alternate transportation system. It will be 10 lanes of depressed highway displacing 11 rail tracks at a cost of better than $100 million per mile and destroying an irreplaceable multi-modal transportation center for the profit of a few wealthy individuals.

  6. Sam Emery says:

    It’s time for a news outlet to investigate the bioengineered foods that Americans have been eating since the 80’s. We were never informed; never asked for permission. These foods are not labeled as bioengineered.

    The rest of the world is allowed to know about this, and such foods are labeled. Their citizens can accept or reject such products.

    Only a corporate run government and society would allow this situation.

  7. Helen Norton says:

    FINALLY!!!! But please let us have more reporting of government malfeasance. This is worse than corporate wrongdoing. After all, shouldn’t the government be setting an ethics standard for all?

  8. Norm Cimon says:

    The interface between business and government is the interesting place, really. That’s where money is used to put elected officials at the beck and call of those with the dough. Staffers just carry the water for this on-going corruption of our politics, often seething at being forced into a role they never imagined. The better ones – those with real integrity – blow the whistle and are often forced out, to the detriment of the public.

  1. June 13, 2006

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  2. June 16, 2006

    […] Lost Remote reports that "Mark Cuban is the sole investor in a upcoming website called ShareSleuth which will focus on investigative business journalism." More info at Talking Biz News. […]

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