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How Reuters is using artificial intelligence

April 26, 2020

Posted by Chris Roush

Viktoriia Samatova, the managing director of the applied innovations team at Reuters Technology, spoke with Valentina Gianera of the London School of Economics about how the news service uses artificial intelligence.

Here is an excerpt:

Apart from how the content is delivered to the users, do you also use artificial intelligence in content creation?

Within Reuters there are a lot of different initiatives. One of them is using artificial intelligence to create a synthetic speaker that can talk about the data it is fed. Let’s say that there was a sports event, for example a soccer match. The user might want to know who won and who scored the goals. This data, once selected, will be ‘performed’ by a speaker on video. From a drop down menu you can select which teams played, the score and who scored, and then the speaker will say it on video. Basically it’s a synthetically generated video based on the key information about a soccer match.

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