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How biz news sites added, lost readers in past year

April 22, 2015

Posted by Chris Roush

Business Insider websiteBelow you will find the charts from comScore Multi-platform Report US showing the top 15 business and financial news websites for March 2015 and March 2014 in terms of unique viewers for each of those months.

A few takeaways:

1. Yahoo Finance has lost more than 20 million unique viewers year over year;

2. Business Insider has gained nearly 20 million unique viewers year over year. It has also risen from No. 5 to No. 2 in the rankings;

3. Forbes Digital has gained about 6 million unique viewers in the past year;

4. The Dow Jones & Co. sites have lost unique viewers and fallen from No. 2 to No. 4. This might explain the redesign of The Wall Street Journal’s website earlier this week;

5. The International Business Times website has jumped from No. 8 to No. 5 in the category.

6. CNBC has risen from No. 10 to No. 8 in the rankings in the past year and gained 9 million unique viewers;

7. Fortune.com, which launched almost a year ago, is now the No. 11 site in the category.


    Business/Finance – News/Research156,074
1    Yahoo Finance75,167
2    Dow Jones & Company32,935
3    Forbes Digital29,893
4    AOL Money & Finance24,367
5    Business Insider22,876
6    Bloomberg21,722
7    CNN Money19,376
8    IBT Media18,960
9    MSN Money18,554
10     CNBC13,069
11    Reuters Sites12,370
12    Motley Fool11,862
13    TheStreet Sites11,158




    Business/Finance – News/Research163,776
1    Yahoo Finance54,983
2    Business Insider42,764
3    Forbes Digital37,033
4    Dow Jones & Company30,701
5    IBT Media26,599
6    AOL Money & Finance25,086
7    Bloomberg22,283
8     CNBC22,170
9    CNN Money18,894
10    MSN Money16,890
11    Fortune.com Sites13,795
12    Reuters Sites13,116
13    Motley Fool11,814
14    TheStreet Sites10,257
15    USATODAY Money9,512

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