GM and Ford get pass with car sales coverage

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3 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    You (which is typical) mention GM and Ford but fail to mention that the darling Toyota was down 40%!!! Ford surpasses them but nothing is mentioned. Talk about soft!!!

  2. davidjanich says:

    Regretably, there are far to many “nattering nabobs of negativisms” out there and I am sorry to report that this fellow is one of them.

  3. Gary Perilloux says:

    Much ado about nothing from the East Coast contratrian. Everyone knows the state of the car business. So a “less bad” month for automakers really is the big news here. Headlines never tell the complete story. Anyone actually reading the stories will get all the context they need about how bad year-over-year sales are. And, of course, it’s “Marek” Fuchs — I’m sure it’s an idle typo above as I’ve seen the maven referenced correctly here before.

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