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Fox Business aims for the average worker

June 3, 2009

Jeff Bercovici of Daily Finance writes about how Fox Business Network is trying to overtake CNBC by catering to workers, not executives.

Bercovici writes, “But whereas CNBC’s personalities lambast the Obama Administration and its ‘communist’ policies for their supposedly dampening effect on big business, Fox Business is articulating the anger of the gas-station owner who cares about macroeconomics chiefly insofar as it relates to how big a check he’ll owe the U.S. Treasury come next April 15.

“Playing to the factory floor instead of the C-suite is unlikely ever to net Fox Business the kind of ultra-premium ad rates that make CNBC such a big cash generator for GE despite its relatively modest audience. But if Rupert Murdoch’s goal is own the most-watched business channel, period, the broad-brush populism of Red Ink Week might be a start.

“‘We’re just giving viewers what they want,’ says Casone. ‘The reason I got into business news was to help the people.'”

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