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Fox attempts to cover Dow drop like a grown-up

February 28, 2007

The News Hounds blog, which offers a regular critique of Fox News, noted that the channel covered the drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Tuesday with more seriousness than it usually does, but still failed in its coverage.

David AsmanNews Hounds wrote, “Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), Neil Cavuto was off today so David Asman, a yeller and screamer, substituted and sure enough, he yelled and screamed during the entire show while simultaneously vibrating in his seat.

“Despite Asman’s talk show-like behavior, Fox seemed to be acutely aware that the dive in the Dow offered an opportunity for the show to presents itself as a real business news program, what with the pending debut of its ‘business news channel,’ so it brought in some new faces, i.e., some grownups. The standout grownup guest was Joe Battipaglia of Ryan Beck & Co. Anyone who watches business news shows knows that Battipaglia has been around for years.

“The first half hour of the show essentially consisted of a roundtable discussion between Fox employees and Battipaglia. Battipaglia brought more honesty and realism to the show than I have seen in years, all while the Fox people were scrambling to spin what he said.”

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