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Forbes expands its science coverage

November 2, 2015

Posted by Chris Roush

Forbes ScienceAlex Knapp of Forbes writes about how the business magazine is expanding its science coverage.

Knapp writes:

Today, I’m pleased to announce that the long-running science blog Starts With A Bang!has come to FORBES from its former home at Medium. Starts With A Bang! focuses on astrophysics and astronomy, and its roster includes a number of fantastic writers. Its editor, Ethan Siegel, has been writing at FORBES since April of 2015. Two regular writers at Starts With A Bang!, physicist Brian Koberlein and astrophysicist Jillian Scudder, also joined FORBES as regular contributors in October 2015. You can check it out here.

Since April of 2015, I’ve been working in a new position as an Associate Editor here at FORBES to expand our science coverage. We already had several great science writers among our contributors, including Bruce Dorminey, the author of Distant Wanderers: the Search for Planets Beyond the Solar System; and science journalists Eric Mack and Brid-Aine Parnell, who have enjoyed a lot of success with our readers.

FORBES Tech channel editor Bruce Upbin wanted to build on that success by making our coverage of those science topics much more expansive and in-depth. We’re doing that by taking advantage of our contributor model to recruit working scientists and great science journalists who can provide expert commentary and analysis about current research for our readers. I’ve been inspired in this by our Senior Editor Matthew Herper, who’s done an astounding job recruiting great writers to cover health and medical issues and set a high bar in quality health science coverage while doing so.

To that end, we have so far recruited 18 new science contributors to FORBES, each covering their own unique corner of the scientific universe.

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