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CNBC’s Cramer apologizes for “Crazy Nancy” comment

September 16, 2020

Posted by Chris Roush

Jim Cramer

CNBC’s Jim Cramer apologized Tuesday after critics derided his use of the epithet “Crazy Nancy” during an interview with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, reports Brian Steinberg of Variety.

Steinberg reports, “Cramer was questioning Pelosi about negotiations for new coronavirus relief, and appeared to use the ‘Crazy Nancy’ phrase in describing the White House position. But he quickly realized he had blundered. ‘I’m sorry. I  — that was the president. I have such reverence for the office, I would never use that term,’ Cramer said, immediately after using it. ‘But you just did,’ Pelosi responded. Cramer then continued on with the interview.

“Detractors on Twitter called him to account, prompting him to address the issue. ‘When you criticize the president by mentioning what he calls the Speaker of the House, you should not be criticized for mentioning the terrible name he calls her,’ he said via the social-media platform.

“Later on in the day, during a broadcast of his regular evening program, ‘Mad Money,’ Cramer was more contrite. ‘I made a very stupid comment. It was a tongue-in-cheek attempt to make a point about the harsh tone about the negotiations in Washington but it fell completely flat and I apologize for that,’ he said.”

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